2010. január 30.

So angry. :(

Hy all :)

I didn't have a good day.. I'm angry,nervous,ruined and so on.. I just want to cry.. it's so bad..
I think I lost my friend.. a really good friend.. I miss him He was my "saver"..
that's it I have to endure it

And my exam.. omg! terrible.. I hope I will go to a good school..

If anybody has a good joke or something pls. write it :) I think it can cheer me up :)

so my day was CRAP. :(
But life goes on :D realize that ^^

I have a little story..
I know a girl She had a perfect life. She was clever,she had a boyfriend, she had fashionable clothes she had everything. she was perfect
But someday I saw her. She was sitting on a bench and she's crying. I was always afraid to talk to her,'cause I'm not perfect.
But once she accosted me and she had a strange question.
-What is happiness?
I just amazed.I thought she has a perfect life, but I was wrong she wasn't happy.. I think bad memories are needed for life. People always want money,friends,cars and a perfect life but they don't notice that the life may be perfect without these.. the key is HAPPINESS..of course :)
My life is not perfect.. like me.. I haven't got big house,car,fashionable clothes,boyfriend and so on.. but I have memories,family,FRIENDS and so on :)

I just want to share this story.. 'cause you can learn from it :)

I hope you like it guys!

That's all for today :)

Bye.Peace.MollyBubble. <3>

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