2010. február 2.


Hy All!

My day..uhg.. was terrible.
I was nervous and my headteacher.. she's jug and unfair.. She's just throw out my stuff..I really hate that.. outrageous

And Cris.. He tickled me. I really hate him..He's just follow me/kiss me/ hug me everyday.HATE!!

I obtained my exam.. Omg! I knew the result but I just amazed a little..it's ok.
Pls.Everybody fingers cross.plspls. <3 I really need it.

I have /funny/ stories of course :D I hope you like it guys. (just Smile)
From: FML ( FuckMyLife.)

Today, I found out that my boyfriend asked me to marry him because he could get a tax cut from buying then ring. All of this happened in front of his mother. FML

Today, I was watching a horror movie with my girlfriend. Suddenly, the killer jumped on screen. My girlfriend screamed. I peed myself. FML

Today, I was stuck sitting at a cafeteria table next to the girl who broke my heart and her boyfriend. I got to overhear the conversation, which included "I want to go to the car" followed by "Me too, but I don't have a condom." FML

I'm sorry for the mistakes, but I'm very tired.
That's all.

Bye.Peace.MollyBubble. <3

6 megjegyzés:

  1. My fingers are cross!! :P uwuw xD (Ur Welcome)

  2. Thank you,Thank you,Thank you <3 Luw..or not. :O xD <3333

  3. xD
    nem értemm.. xD nem bajj.. :D hülye vok ezekhezz.. :D tudod, hogy szóritanék akkor is, ha nem kértél volna.. xD

  4. ^^ Köszönöm ^^
    <3 <3 <3 Dilis vagy ^^ :D <3333

  5. Ez egy új kitűntetés, mert ezt még sose mondta rám senki semm!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 és azz is maradok :DD ..ha nem bajj! xDDD <3

  6. LÉgy büszke xD amúgy mindenkinek ezt mondom csak úgy szórom a kitüntetéseket ^^ :D