2010. január 27.

Joke ^^

Hello Guys!
I want to write in english 'cause I think it's boring in hungarian :D
I'm sorry if somebody doesn't understand :)
I think it was a good day :) it's true I wrote 2 test papers but it's ok :D
before my 7. lesson I fell it was a little icky but it's ok xD
On Media lesson we were nostalgic it was great :D it feels good sometimes I think.
the old beautiful times :)

Anyway. There is a new English teacher Andrew :D He's cute,"nice" I think :D

There is a big scandal because of the exam Good.isn't it? xD
Maybe we have to write again, but I doubt it. I hope I will getting in to a good school :)

That's all for today.
(Anyway. if you find some mistake in my english I'm sorry, but I haven't got perfect english.. yet :)

Bye.Peace.MollyBubble <3

2 megjegyzés:

  1. hát mónika nem sértésből de ez szánalom:D

  2. kimondta hogy olvasd? pff..
    nekem sem tetszik minden de akkor nem nézem és nem hallgatom mint pl a Metallicát.. ennyi..