2010. február 13.

Sadness disappeared ----> Happiness recurred : )


Happy again. I don't know why.. but yeah :D
Yesterday I can't write anything because I was at school till 8 o'clock. :) Sounds strange, but it was..tolerable :) and now we can dance xD

I wasn't able to sleep at night.There was something in my head. (Dance,Dress,Pain,Happiness and Him...)So I'm tired :(

Anyway. Today I was alone ^^ 'cause my mother gone to a holiday with her friend :D

I was bored so I made a video. I think it's pretty cool. I love it ^^

I think he brought back my happiness. Thank you. ^^ (just called: RopeGuy xD)

Yesterday I was DJ Bubble ^^ xD 'cause in our school we celebrated Valentine's day :) It was fun.
Hey. Linda Happy Name Day :D

I really love this song. Hope you like it ^^

That's all for today. ^^

Bye.MollyBubble. xX

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