2010. február 10.

I feel sick. : (


I feel..ugh.. Terrible,awful,horrible and so on.. and I always sleepy. I don't know what's happened with me, but I feel really sick. I think I don't go to school..tomorrow and of course in Friday..OMG! Friday.. it will be a horrible day. My Headteacher contrive that on friday we should practice our dance from 2 to 6 or 7. :@ (of course.with pleasure..:@) I DO NOT want to dance!!
Btw. I love dancing,but not THIS Shit,f*cking dance!! ugh..

Anyway.My day was.. am I don't know how was it because I slept all day long.. like now :P

I think I'm amorous. :P (I don't want to say.. who is the lucky guy xD)

I just wanna show something^^

That's all for today :) Hope you like it :D


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