2010. február 23.

Be Happy everyday ^^

Hejhoo Everyone

Yes, again in English. Variety does not do harm. I think.And many people said it's more exciting. :P

Anyway. I had a good day. The half class wasn't in the school.So there was a 'real family mood' xD In the geography lesson we did not write a test because of this. Cool.

But, of course, like everyday my sweet, slut, jug headteacher annoyed me.. I really hate her now.. One year ago I thought she is a good teacher and a kind person but now I have another view about her.. but I really don't care..

Btw. Chemistry will be interesting tomorrow xD with Nóra xD I'm afraid of her a little bit.:P

Be better Kristóf.
And fingers cross Cris. Good Luck. :) You know for what.xD

I hope so something happens with HIM. <3
Wancsuu.^^ Thank you so much. I miss you :( :D

That's all for today.
Hope you like it.

Much Love.

MollyBubble. xX
Bye. ^^

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